The fifth element is all around us. The fifth element is the most beautiful parts surrounding us. It is the aftermath of the wind hitting the tree branches, it is the sparkles and creaking in the fire. It is the foam on waves in the water and its the reflections that light leaves behind. In todays stressed environment it is easy to forget about the small things, we rush through life and forget to see the little. We plan trips to far away and spend our time longing for it. We need to stop and enjoy the small things coloring our life. Appreciate details that were crafted long time ago, yesterday, today, now and tomorrow.

We need to see the beauty in everyday life and to see color in the colorless and ordinary. The minutiae of life.



The inspiration behind this collection is fractals. I looked at the symbiosis found in nature with repetitive patterns and forms and applied this on the hair using techniques such as traditional scissor over comb cutting and by diving right in to the world of braiding. I found myself intrigued and curious to evolve and do more.